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aQuasun Incoming

We offer first-class support for your travel guests. In the quality that you know from Germany and expect in Germany, not the one from a “vacation country”. To achieve this, we must strictly adhere to our values.
What is the best room rate worth if customers are accommodated in annex rooms? What is the best travel price worth, the warmest recommendations or the number of reviews if the service is extremely poor. What is the largest polo area worth if it is not filled with water. What is sea view worth if the hotel is 800m from the beach?
An incoming agency, a tour guide, a transfer, a beach hotel or a specific service is always measured by customer satisfaction - when and where it actually takes place and not how it once was. The point is that you check in quickly, that the menu is complete and that room service speaks German. It's the little details that make a big difference.


Portfolio: hotels, holiday resorts, accommodations

Even with the best service and highest customer satisfaction, an incoming agency in a bathing region only has a legitimate existence if the agency's hotel portfolio includes the best, most popular hotels in all categories and includes attractive conditions for these accommodations. With over 600 contracted hotels in the region, aQuasun has a hotel portfolio that is unparalleled in the region. Our hotel portfolio is not a hotel database, it is the result of 30 years of award-winning work and the associated tourist experience. With us you have the exact answer to your most important question: Which hotel is best suited for our guests?

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First-class on-site support is our service, but your business card. You know your customer, your company, your brand - not us. Although we are eternally grateful that some tour operators and tourism providers switched to us due to customer pressure, this is exceptional and not a rule. We ensure that your customers associate the unique holiday experiences with you and your company. We provide good, excellent customer service to ensure that they book with you again so that we can welcome them back as guests. Every guest counts for us, just as it does for you.

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Travel Guide

As one of the main tourist destinations in the world, Türkiye has a long-standing tradition of offering local services at the best for every traveler. Of course, this includes first-class tour guidance and support in the language of the travel guest. aQuasun offers tourism services in over 15 countries in 8 languages, from Germany to Sweden, from Austria to Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and much more.

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A Türkiye holiday without excursions is comparable to a visit to the stadium without the football game. With our carefully put together excursions, guests not only get to know their holiday country, they do so in the best possible way. From leisure to culture, from sport to evening events, the current aQuasun excursion program includes around 40 excursions in 6 languages.

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Transfers, especially those from the airport to the hotel and back again, are the most important parts of a trip because they take place on arrival and departure days and are fraught with travel stress, hecticness and often impatience. The impressions set the tone of the journey, the first and also the last. Punctuality is the maxim - no question, but also the professionalism, the cleanliness, the quality service, maintenance of the vehicles and of course the pleasant journey to the hotel and to the airport.

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We work with a number of service providers to provide local support for our guests and to carry out certain events in order to expand our range of services and to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction in all areas. We work with renowned partners who provide this service in the best possible way, pay attention to important details and carry out their services according to our guidelines. This ensures greater accessibility and flexibility and avoids unnecessary waiting times.

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Incoming 2.0

We call this area “Incoming 2.0” - not to give it a modern term, but because it demands and even requires specific requirements - even beyond conventional tourism work.
aQuasun Pro Services
Even though service, customer care and customer satisfaction still - and of course - play the most important role in a modern incoming agency, modern tourism has become more sophisticated with growing technology. From vacancy inquiries to description updates, from online price inquiries to automated passenger lists, an incoming agency has to deal with many technical issues and master them quickly and precisely with good, modern infrastructure. We, at aQuasun, are not only ready for this challenge, we develop and offer innovative solutions for progressive, reliable processing.

Data, queries and online services
This area is about connections, data formats, XML queries, availability, different booking systems, digital hotel descriptions, geodata, dynamic packaging, ID matching and many technical requirements for a smooth organizer-incoming connection that is reliable around the clock and works smoothly, so you worry less about price errors, incorrectly booked hotels/rooms or incorrectly transferred travel dates. We know what a small error in processing can cause, especially with current legislation.

  Hotel matching with GIATA ID
  Hotel matching traveltainment
  Hotel matching ODTS
  Geodata (GIATA compliant)
  Geodata (Google Maps, Open Street Map compatible)
  Hotel data (EDF, ODTS compatible)
  DRV Global Types
  Live XML queries through API
  Live price and vacancy inquiries
  Price corrections, bulk update
  Digital hotel descriptions
  ODTS (Open Tourist Data Standard)

  DRV Global Types
  ML: Multilingual descriptions
  FAQ, instructions and documentation
  Technical support with connections
  Peakwork player compatible
  Data export and import
  Automations for notifications
  Notification management
  List management (transfer, hotel and passenger lists)
  Compatible with major organizer systems
  Contact person for resources